Wednesday, July 12, 2017

St. Petersburg

Monument to the Heroic Defenders of Leningrad 
Victory Square
World War II

This museum was built at one of the last places where the Germans advanced

Moving Sculpture Depicting the Suffering of the Russians during the War

Sculptures Depicting the Russian People 

Displays of Items Collected after the War

Street in St. Petersburg Built to Perspective

Mikhail Glinka, Russian Composer,  Fountainhead of Russian Classical Music

Mikhailovsky Palace

Where Dostoevsky wrote "Crime and Punishment" which is set in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg on the River Neva

The buildings along the river are all lit up at night which makes them look spectacular!

White Nights of St. Petersburg--this was taken at 2:30 AM!

We saw so many beautiful places in St. Petersburg. This is just the beginning of the pictures we took.  It is an amazing city and these pictures do not do it justice. Just the first ones ready to post.  More to come......

The Crane's in America 
the 4th of July!

Cora and Kylie in Wichita for the 4th of July!

Waiting for the trucks and cars and floats and walkers to come

Provo Freedom Festival Fun Run!!

Rachael and Lauren and Alex--Olympic Runners!


Dad thought he would join in the fun!

Power Rangers on the 4th!

Fireworks round out the Fun!

All Around Our Neighborhood

Our home: Yartsevskaya ulitsa 27, k. 9, d. 31,+27%D0%BA9,+Moskva,+121552/@55.743919,37.4113262,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x46b54ed8b6233c37:0x5c7d03f4f0a7bd88!8m2!3d55.743919!4d37.4135149

A typical apartment building, 20+ stories.  Two more buildings being built in our neighborhood.  Moscow has 8,537 per square kilometer.  Although it is not even on the top ten list of population density in the world, it feels like everyone in the world is going to the same place!

That's a mall at the end of the street.  We grocery shop and eat out down there.

Power Station that heats all the water for the neighborhood.  The heat turns off for two weeks a year to clean out the pipes. 

Bus parking lot on the way to the Metro

On the way to the Metro

The Metro is the gray, short building on the other side of the buses

A little park between the tall apartment buildings

Pigeons congregate near the Metro.  People do not believe in wasting bread and if they cannot use it, they bring it to the birds. The birds fly all around and then settle down again to the feast of bread people dump here. 

Family Trip to Arches National Park

Rachael has been asking family members to go to the Utah parks with her for a year.  Sarah and Stephen and Mark and Hannah went to Arches with her.  It's a three hour drive from Orem and they left in the afternoon on a very hot day.  They had a wonderful hike, saw beautiful vistas, and Mark explored.  The day ended with a beautiful sunset and they drove home.  Another great day!

Delicate Arch


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Rachael & Sarah

Mark drinking water
Going down the steep steps    

I can do it myself! 

Beautiful Sunset!