Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dear friends:
We are moving to Moscow, Russia!
We will be serving missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Just as my parents, grandparents, our four sons, two of our daughters-in-law, two of our son-in-laws, and others before.
We are assigned to the Europe East Area, based in Moscow, Russia.
Eileen will be a "Associate Area Legal Counsel" I will be an "Area Mental Health Advisor " for the same area.
Eileen will help in legal issues related to the Church Operations for the Europe East Area defined as:
Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus;Bulgaria; Estonia; Georgia;Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Latvia;Lithuania; Russia; Tajikistan;Turkey; Turkmenistan; Ukraine;Uzbekistan

My role is to provide English- language based mental health support to our young humanitarian volunteers in the Europe East Area, primarily by telephone.
We report to the Provo MTC Jan 9, 2017 fly to Moscow on Jan 22, 2017 for 18 months.
We will miss our family and friends but can be available to anyone by email, telephone, Facebook, FaceTime and other electronic methods.

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  1. How exciting! The Europe East Asia area is lucky to have both of you.