Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday, January 11th--3rd Day at the MTC

Our teachers work very hard to prepare the couples in our district to go to our missions. They are returned missionaries who are now teaching new missionaries.  One served in Italy; the other served in Montana.  There are four couples in our district. They are from California, Idaho, and two of us from Utah.  One couple will go to the Philippines, another to Chesapeake Bay, VA; another couple is going to St. Louis, and we are going to Russia.

Our district spends four hours working in the morning and again in the afternoon after lunch.  They teach principles of effective teaching and relationship-building.  We have fun with them.

Our Morning Teacher: 

Our Afternoon Teacher:

Today I introduced the class to our favorite video from Nursery: "I Am A Child of God!" Made me miss our little Nursery kids!

Image result for i am a child of god video

You can watch it on YouTube at:  

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