Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Don't read this if you won't believe what I am going to say: It's 75 degrees here today!! The trees and the bushes are budding out.  All our windows are open and we slept all night that way.  Spring is coming!!! 

We had a good week this week.  Easter was lovely and we found two pictures we really were moved by. The first one is by our friend and neighbor, Liz Lemon Swindle.  I am not sure who painted the second one.

Russ continues to talk to the young volunteers every day.  He has to write notes on the calls afterwards which takes about 20-30 minutes.  Some reports are for the local leadership and some goes to Salt Lake.  Like all professions, there is a  lot of paperwork.

I closed several cases this week, wrote a proposal for a scholarship program, and compared the laws about independent contractors in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey.   I made a beautiful chart out of the information. Not sure if I have ever mentioned: I love a chart!!! It is really interesting to compare laws of similar topics across countries.  There are many more countries I could do apparently.  We'll see what other countries I will be assigned to evaluate. Here is a shortened view of the chart. Good times!

This week the senior couples went on a Moscow River Boat Cruise & Dinner on Tuesday night after work.  About 20 of us were there and I took lots of pictures of the lovely Moscow architecture and parks.  The beautiful buildings remind me of Paris.  Enjoy!

Today the first third of the year has passed.  It seems like we've been gone forever.  But the time is actually speeding by.  In one more third of the year, we will need to start shopping for Christmas!! (Ouch! That's for those of you who HATE to hear my Christmas countdowns! Haha!) 

Family Update: 
Michelle is coming back so that she and Russ can go see Aerosmith here in Moscow. 

Scott is settling into his UM job in Athletics.  

Sarah's new job is going well.  

Hannah started rolling over and now is trying to crawl.  If she's awake, she won't lay her head on her Mom's shoulder--too busy trying to learn everything about this world! Mark and Hannah and Stevie D. had conjunctivitis last week.  Mark hates the eye drops! (Me too, MM!) 

Tomorrow is Missionary Maddie's 20th birthday! Happy Birthday, Maddie! We're proud of you! 

End of year concerts are coming up for Jeremy and Ammon.  

Ben and Lori's house is being built quickly in Kansas.  

Ava played the part of Balthasar in Romeo and Juliet at Maeser School.  

April graduates this weekend fro Utah State after two LONG years of studying weekends and holidays and nights after work.  

Nathan's family got to go to St. George for a vacation while Nathan worked.  

Keith ran a half-marathon and Satchie ran the last mile with him.  Buggie and Mom and Dad redecorated her room in a beautiful light blue.

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  1. No updates on Rachael as her life is the same as usual.