Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday, June 19th

My colleagues, Mark & Barb Taylor, are here in Moscow on their second OGC mission! Aren't they wonderful?  Mark just posted these great pictures on Facebook.  Here they are:

I gave a talk at the American Chamber of Commerce to the Education Committee today in a building that is close to White Square, an area with a beautiful white church that is near Metro Station Belorusskaya.  It was raining so hard that I got soaked to the bone! No umbrella because yesterday was so beautiful.  By the time I realized I needed one, it was too late to return home for one.  Then when Russ and I said goodbye to Michelle, who has been here since Friday, we came to work.  AS SOON AS we walked out of the Metro, it started pouring and pouring rain. This time I had an umbrella but the wind carried the rain all over the place.  So these pictures are great proof of the changeable weather in Moscow!


  1. Hi Eileen! Beautiful pictures with the rainbow! I didn't know that there is White Square in Moscow, and the weather have became so changeable... It looks like you have a good time over there anyway)