Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday, June 18th

Happy Father's Day to Russ and all of my sons and son-in-law for being wonderful fathers!
Thank you for taking care of your families and loving them.  And serving them. And working hard for them. No Father's Day cards this year as it is not Father's Day here.  Proud of you all and the work that you are doing to create loving families.

It's been about four weeks since I last wrote.  So much has happened since then.  Here are some pictures of some of what has happened in order of when they occurred. As usual, more pictures than words.  (So much has happened that it took five hours to gather and post all these pictures!)  Enjoy!

Victory Day, May 8th, Horse Show


Victory Day, May 9th, Red Square Parade of the Soldiers


Russian Traditional Dancers, Tchaikovsky Theater, May 16th


Friday Afternoon Date to Red Square, May 19th



Russ & Michelle @Aerosmith Concert, May 23rd, Photos


At Church

Moscow's Non-Summer (Hurricanes in Fact!), May 29th

Image result for hurricane in moscow

Image result for hurricane in moscow

Russ' Fall, June 9th, Photos

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Arlene and Paul's Visit, June 10th-12th

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Constitutional Court, St. Petersburg, June 14th

Family Photos

Nathan & Amy's 25th Wedding Anniversary, May 20th

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Keith, Buggie, and Satch's Run, June 10th

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Lauren's School Award

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Scott at the University of Montana


Rachael & Scott---Road Trip!  Glacier National Park, Montana


Ben's Award

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BIG Announcement!
Ben & Lori are having a new baby!!! December 2017!! 
#3 for them!   #13 for us!

April's USU Graduation  with an MBA!

Abby's Graduation from Noah Webster--Maeser is next!

Mark's Graduation from Apple Village

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Hannah's First Swim

Jeremy's Pre-Mission Mission to Brazil 

Ammon's Scout Camp & School Award


Maddie--One Year on Her Mission to Pennsylvania


Uh, I Needed a New Dress for Church, Duh....

Eileen's Rose Garden 

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The Girls

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