Monday, February 13, 2017

Saturday, February 4th

We had a great day off yesterday.  We were not needed in the office, got to sleep in, go to the Vegas Mall to meet our friends, the Hansen's, who we came to Russia with. They are so great--happy to be here on their 2nd mission after an 18-month stint in Japan, cheerful, adaptive, and eager to learn everything they can here.  We love them!

Then we went to the home store and bought a mini-crock pot. We just need to be able to come home to a hot meal without having to cook at the end of the day.  Otherwise, cereal is just fine for dinner!

We went to the Bolshoi Theater today.  Sister Brown and Sister Buss accompanied us on the Metro.  They are great!

We went to see "La Traviata," an Italian opera by Verdi, based on the true story of a woman in Paris and her lover.  The music was beautiful.  The theater was beautiful.  The building is beautiful.  The conductor, Tugan Sokhiev, was as entertaining to watch as the actors on the stage.  He was completely immersed in the music, so expressive, and clearly loves what he is doing. Inspiring!

Then Pavel, our new friend here, drove us around in his car.  We drove by Red Square and the famous church there, the Kremlin, other churches, the Moscow River (which is frozen by our house and not as frozen down river), mega-office buildings, and home again.  It was great to see so much of Moscow.

I want to introduce you also to Thom and Kathryn Christensen.  Thom is training me to take over his legal projects and Kathryn has MADE our move so smooth and easy! She is amazing!

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