Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday, February 2nd

What a week we have had on the Metro!  I already described the first two adventures.  Yesterday we needed to go to the Russia Mission Home in NW Kragnogorsk by going on the blue line to the end station.  So we left the office early, walked across the street to get on the bus to take us down to the Vegas Mall, and proceeded to drive a completely different direction!  The bus went past the grocery store, over the freeway, and then turned left to get on the freeway! We thought it was going to make a U-turn and drive 1500 feet down the hill to the Mall. All the while I am texting the senior couple at the mission home waiting for us to let them know that we are on a runaway bus and have no idea where it is going!

So we hopped off the bus, crossed under the street to the other side, to look for a bus or taxi to take us where we were meant to be.  We saw this beautiful church, one of just many beautiful churches here:

Then Russ ordered an Uber car to drive us or we were going to be very late!  While we were on the freeway, we saw our apartment in the YE'S building from the freeway:

So we got to the mission home, learned all about visas, trips out of Russia to renew our 90-day visa in late March, and all things immigration and legal.  And you would THINK that that would be enough drama for one day, right??  NO NO NO NONO!!!

We went to the Christensen's for dinner and got off at the Metro stop where I was sure that they lived.  Called and texted them several times, but could not see anything that looked familiar from the one other time we were there.  Finally on our 3rd call, Thom asked me what Metro stop we were at.  Well, of course, we were at Strogino where I was sure that they lived.  NO NO NO NO!!! Don't make up addresses, Eileen!!  They actually live two Metro stops down the road and we are miles from them!! Appears that I can post the Metro map for you readers, BUT NOT READ IT MYSELF!!!!

We are going to move to this apartment in three weeks, so it would be good to know where it is!  We are going to live through this adventure; we are.  And when we come home, we are going to lock ourselves in our house and never go anywhere ever again!!!!  Well, maybe Russ is going to lock ME into the house and never rely on my directions again!! Either way......... :)

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  1. When I took the kids down to Mexico City, we were in the process of getting off the subway, when Sage fainted. I was able to catch her, but we were on the train as the doors closed, and the other kids were already on the station platform. With the holp of a lot of people who didn't speak any English, we managed to get Sage off at the next station, and the kids caught up to us on the next train, but what an adventure. Sounds a lot like yours. Hope you are having fun, your pictures are amazing.