Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday, February 1st 

First Day in the Office, lunch at a Georgian Restaurant in the Vegas Mall:

Our new friends: Arlen Woffinden, Boyce Fitzgerald, Joseph Brubaker, Tom & Kathryn Christensen, Olga Babushkova, Mark & Barb Taylor and us.

So today is like the fourth day in the office and it's already been wild!!

The Moscow Metro is amazing!!
beautiful moscow metro stations (1)

  beautiful moscow metro stations (19)   

It is clean, efficient, and the trains come frequently.  Good thing--we've gone one station too far on our way to work now two days in a row! But for different reasons.  Yesterday I forgot that we were supposed to get off because I was thinking of the station by the apartment we will move to at the end of the month.  Today we could NOT get through the absolute SEA of people!!!  So we went to the next stop, crossed the platform, and returned to the correct station.

Last week we tried to use Uber to get around.  We met really nice drivers, but because we can't read Russian, we often can't figure out where the drivers are.  Apparently they come to a RANGE, not a spot, like a taxi.  So we have to follow the app to figure out which of the mud-encrusted license plates is connected to the car that is meant to pick us up!

We work in a building with a Lenovo sign on it on one side, on the other.  On the 10th floor.  Russ got his own office on Monday with a view of the grocery store (a friend calls it K-Mart on steriods!).

My view is of the Moscow River (now frozen), government buildings and an indoor ski lift. Check it out:

Last night we were introduced at Senior Council to our new friends, about 8 other senior couples, who live all around Moscow.  I made up a fun crossword puzzle which had these clues:

Oakley/Small town south of Burley, ID
Oakland/City across the SF Bay
Children/Eight is Enough
BYU/Best university
FamilyTherapy/Helping related people in groups
Law/System of rules to regulate people and their actions
England/Birthplace of many of the first members of the Church
Canterbury/Family favorite place to live
Ireland/Blarney Stone
Russia/Many volunteers working here
Mustang/Best car in the world
Flowers/Gift from Heavenly Father to make us happy

Afterwards we all went down to the Vegas Mall for dinner.  The Vegas Mall is a trip.  It has sections that resemble Vegas, NYC, and other US places.  An ice rink and Rockefeller Center theme was in the part where we ate together. 

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We hope everyone is well and happy! Miss you! xxx


  1. Cool pictures.Does the ski lift run up to a mountain for skiers?

    1. No, the top of it is the top of the run and skiers ski down it. There are no mountains arroyos here at all. Some small hills.