Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter Sunday, April 16th

Happy Easter, everyone! We hope you'll have a wonderful Easter Sunday and season.  In Moscow it is a season.  A festival starts today and ends on May 9th.  The website says: "The Moscow Easter Festival has turned into a cultural symbol of national significance.  It is a spiritual symbol like the consecration of Holy Easter, a patriotic symbol like Victory Day, and finally for a great many Russians, it symbolizes spring, hope and renewal. " They have musical and other cultural events for three weeks all over the city.  We will see how it is here during this time.

We have had a wonderful week because our Rachael and Michelle have been here.  Rachael came on Monday for a week and Michelle came on Friday for the weekend.  Sadly, they both leave tomorrow.  Happily, Michelle will be back next month! ;-)

Rachael and Russ went up to St. Petersburg on Tuesday by the fast train and visited many of the sites there.  They went to several cathedrals and to the Hermitage.

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It was very cold up there, colder than Moscow.  They knew it in advance and took their hats. They stayed for two days and took the train back Thursday night, but not before Russ started kissing another woman!

My family just loves to hang out with royalty!

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Walking through the churches of St. Petersburg can make you feel like royalty, they are so beautiful!

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Rachael's luggage was never delivered while she was in NYC for her friend's wedding.  JFK had 7500 bags in lost luggage and it never made it to the delivery phase while she was there. She spent two hours on the phone with Lost Luggage and never talked to anyone, so I called from here and spent another two hours waiting for someone to talk to (while doing other things, of course).  Jane, a Delta person, came on and explained that due to bad weather in the south, Atlanta had 10K pieces of luggage that they were redirecting! WOW! Anyway, she was very kind, got the luggage to go on a flight through Amsterdam to Moscow.  We picked it up seven days after she left SFO, at 2:30 AM, where the lady running the Lost Luggage Office took her sweet time to give us the bag, after processing about 20 other bags! We were at the airport to pick up Michelle who had flown in from Zurich.  Airports appear to be little 24-hour cities these days! 

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