Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday, April 9th

We returned to Moscow very late Thursday night, worked on Friday, and on Saturday put together a bed our friend, Pavel, and I went to get at IKEA several weeks ago in preparation for Rachael and Michelle to come this week. It only took FIVE hours! Haha!

Isn't that great?! The partnership with IKEA continues! (We spent three days last May in Zurich building furniture with Michelle at her apartment.)  The partnership is this: You pay, we create and assemble, complete with pictures, and YOU DO THE WORK!!! 

Rachael is in NYC where she attended a wedding, and her luggage is lost.  It's on its way to where she is staying, but she is leaving tonight at 7 PM from JFK to come to Moscow for a week.  Michelle is coming very early Friday morning for the weekend.  We anticipate great fun with our girls!

So now I am all caught up to today. I hope this is a fun read; if not, we understand.  We could tell more interesting stories if we could lie, but you know.......... ;-)

In the meantime, Hannah is now rolling over, Jeremy got an award for his saxophone solo and advanced to state competitions, Ammon went to his first General Conference priesthood session with Nathan and Jeremy, Abby talks to me on Google Hangouts and talks to me after school most days, Buggie and Satchie saw Beauty and the Beast last night, Mark is building interesting things with Legos, Ava is advancing in high school, Janna bought a car, Maddie is killing her mission experience in Philly, Cora and Kylie are getting a new house when it's built (around Halloween--maybe before, because Ben just told me that they have already poured the foundation!).

And Nana and Grandad are missing all the fun in person, but getting it on email, FaceTime, Skype, and Hangouts!

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