Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tomorrow it will be an entire month since I have written on this blog.  I announced that we had to make it private, received hundreds of email addresses, and was unable to even enter them into the website.  So I am going to update you once again.  So much has happened in a month's time that it could be very overwhelming to track everything, but I will tell you the most important things that have happened since February 20th.

1) We have a new friend, Nastia, which is short for Anastasia here.  She was born on Sakhalin Island, over by Japan, and loved there till she was 13.  She moved to Moscow, finished high school and university where she studied linguistics.  She loves to travel, runs her own English-teaching school somewhere down towards central Moscow, and writes children's books about culture based on her travels.  She's been to America several times, I think, and recently went to Sri Lanka where she saw monkeys, turtles, birds, and other nature.  She loves to include all that in her books. She came to dinner one night and we played Scrabble, b/c I brought the English tiles from home, but not the board.  I also brought Russian tiles that I found on Amazon.  She seemed to enjoy the game, which she had never seen before, but we really knew she enjoyed it when she told us that she went home and make paper tiles with letters and has been teaching her students using the Scrabble tiles every since! She writes to us every day to see how we are and is coming tonight for dinner.  She asked us to bring her a US flag and map when we were home. We ordered them on Amazon, and brought them home with us, along with a brand-new Scrabble game, including the board, which she doesn't know about yet.  We think she will be so excited!  She is quite sweet, 25, and has no grandparents in her life, so maybe that's us.

2) On February 24th, we moved into our new apartment, formerly housing our friends, the Christensen's, who went home sadly that day.  Thom was my trainer in the OGC and I love him. Kathryn is the most creative and dedicated problem-solver and made our transition to Moscow amazingly easy.  I miss them every day. We moved things around to suit our needs and love our apartment every day! It is really beautiful.  

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